Kindness knows …

Kindness knows no barriers, kindness is inclusive…a language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear.

Found a similar quote to this on the internet and I find it so inspirational. Kindness should be the worlds dominant language. Kindness can be understood by two people that speak completely different languages, kindness expands beyond just words, kindness can be anything and kindness breaks down barriers. Everyone can appreciate kindness, and everyone can be kind, it’s as simple as choosing to do something rather than do nothing.


This is right up my alley…

Nice is As Nice Does – PERFECT!

I don’t know if this is the nicest thing I have ever done, because niceness is measured on the receiving end, but one of the thing’s I have done that I’m most proud of is volunteer work.

I worked with people with cerebral palsy to different degrees full time for a month, the things I learned, and the friendships I made are something I think of everyday, to this day.

I love the idea of this daily prompt, I look forward to reposting some of the most amazing acts of kindness I can find. I hope there is others that still care about kindness, and I hope there are stories I have never heard of before.