Month: June 2014

I’ve been gone for a while!

Hello to my few readers,

Glad to be back – lately something i’ve been thinking about is the message that is portrayed in the popular book & movie series ‘The Hunger Games’. What makes me think deeper into this, although I haven’t seen any of the movies or read the books lately? I read them all when they first came out, and watched the movies in the same way, but last night I watched a movie… perhaps not as popular or maybe less heard of, or maybe (most likely) I’m just out of the loop.

The movie was called ‘The Purge’ with an interesting plot, for 12 hours only each year all laws are off, everyone has the right to participate in unlawful acts, including robbery, but more frighteningly – murder. Under the concept that humans are aggressive beings and that we need an opportunity to ‘purge’.

Like The Hunger Games, it draws themes of the rich versus the poor, power and social status. The rich ‘purge’ during this 12 hour period and attempt to kill the homeless and those that may benefit from welfare – paid by their tax on their “hard-earned” money.

It is sad that these movies are being made, and that unfortunately we can draw similarities to some very unfortunate views that may exist in our society.

A beautiful message, however, throughout these movies is that when the rich or powerful are confronted with their wrong doings they often feel a sense of morality, a return of ethics and a realisation that all life is equal. Rich or poor, powerful or powerless, we are all equal and we are all a part of one world. We must take care of each other.

It got me thinking, what can I do? What can I do to challenge the ideas in this movie that power and wealth are what rule the world. It is something we can all do, firstly, we can be thankful that these ideas may exist in our world, but to a far lesser extreme, there is discrimination, but luckily law protects us to some extent, but law cannot change the issue, the idea, that discrimination, for some is okay. Secondly, after being thankful that these are just movies, we should take action. Do something instead of nothing, stop judging. I myself can admit I do it, too often, and every time now I catch myself thinking I am greater than someone else, I stop myself and remind myself we are all equal.

To be honest, we will never truly understand others completely, we will never truly get to walk a mile in everyone else’s shoes to see their position, but once we acknowledge that we all have value, in our own way, even those who choose not to show it, they still have value.

We must take a global approach, be kind to the rich, be kind to the poor, be kind to those with power, be kind to those without and be kind to yourself because sometimes we judge and discriminate and no body is perfect, but if we can acknowledge our thoughts, and leave them only as thoughts. We have the power to change the world.

Actions speak louder than words, but in this case, I say, actions speak louder than money. Kindness doesn’t have to cost, a compliment is free and the most valuable things in life are free (yes, what a cliché). The intangibles, the emotions, the notion of knowing that someone cares is truly priceless.