What defines happiness?

There are so many things that matter to each of us.

There is such a variety of combinations, different rankings of different criteria that makes us smile everyday.

Whether your motivation is money, power or to simply get by… we can all appreciate a small gesture that can put a smile on our face.

After a hard days work today, when my boss was just finishing up i quickly ducked out and bought icecreams for us, the smile on his face made him forget the stressful day and we had a great conversation completely non work related, which made me smile. Something that defines happiness for me is creating relationships with people we see everyday, whether its your room mates, class mates, colleagues, friends of friends, neighbours, why spend your life surrounded by strangers? A simple conversation with another can ignite a beautiful friendship. I’m very lucky in that my boss is also one of my closest friends, despite our age gap, despite the generation barrier, despite so many religious, cultural and other differences we find common ground – we both care about the world at large, we both believe in doing things for one another, we have a friendship based on common abnormalities, because we are both very eccentric – but somehow it works.

Another amazing thing happened today, my bosses son who I often babysit for got invited to be one of the children that walks out with the soccer team – he loves soccer so much and I was in tears when i told him on the phone that he had this amazing opportunity to meet his favourite team and he said back to me that he was too nervous, and he really didn’t want to do it. Luckily, my boss picked him up and brought him to the shop to speak to me and I managed to calm him down and convince him he would be fine. He is such a brilliant young boy – it saddens me so much that he doesn’t know it. I know the feeling of confidence holding you back, and I don’t want him to avoid amazing opportunities like I have because of a self-created ‘happy place’. Something that defines happiness for me is encouraging others to be the best they can be. I’ve heard the saying “everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone”, such a bittersweet statement, but once we believe in ourselves and allow ourselves to try new things, to become truly happy the bitter disappears and that statement is nothing but sweet sweet bliss to my ears.

What defines happiness for you?


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